The Best Gas Grills for 2022

It is hard to pick just one the best gas grill, there are many different types and each of them is made for a particular target group. We can say without a doubt, however, that a good gas grill is one that can:

Reach the right temperature fast and evenly, is made of good materials, has a big enough cooking area, the basic features, strong and efficient burners and 100% adequate price for all that.

That is more or less the definition of a good gas grill that differs depending on your needs. When deciding to get a new grill, you decide to go on a time-consuming and tiring search that requires visiting many stores in order to see every model personally.

Which is why we’re here to help you solve your problem fast and easily. We believe that choosing a new gas grill is a difficult task to a regular person who doesn’t really have an opportunity to put what is available at stores to a good test.

We love grilling and we do it many times every week, we have many types of grills and are very often at stores where we have contact with an even bigger number of grills.

Having great knowledge on the topic, we have decided to look through the store offers and choose several best gas grills this year, you can see the results right below.

As you probably know, the offer at stores is very large, you will find plenty of manufacturers of gas grills on the market. We do realize that you are very interested in the prices, which are very diverse. That’s why we have chosen several suggestions in different price ranges so that everyone could choose something perfect for themselves.

That’s why you will find something here for those with a limited budget, or even for those looking for something luxurious. Our suggestions mostly differ in size, features, number of burners and the quality of workmanship.

Not wanting to waste any more of your valuable time, we invite you to read our reviews below.

The Best Gas Grills of 2022

1. Best Overall Weber Spirit II E-310

weber spirit II e 310

We have chosen this model as the number one on our list because it is the only one to meet expectations of most people in every regard. The quality of workmanship, number of burners, efficiency, size, features and great warranty, and all of that for a price that is likely to suit most clients.

It is very important for your gas grill to be efficient and to warm up the entire surface of the grill fast and evenly. You can be sure that Weber Spirit II E 310 won’t disappoint you in those regards. It warms up so fast that after just few minutes from starting it you can start grilling.

Spirit II E-310 comes with three strong burners that can warm up a total of whole 529 square inches of cooking area fast and evenly. It is equipped with the popular GS4 grilling system that you can read more about here. I’ll just add that before that, the GS4 system was only available in the much more expensive Weber Genesis series.

Another very big advantage of this model is whole 10 years of full warranty. That confirms that it is an investment for years to come. Weber is famous for good quality of workmanship and for its products being able to really survive many years, but the whole 10 years of warranty is very good news for every client that bring peace and confidence in the money being well invested.

When it comes to the open structure, we know that many people preferred the closed structure with a door on the front. You can like the open structure or not, we personally like it and we see no problem with that.

The one little complain we do have about this model is its slightly thinner grill’s lid compared to the first Weber Spirit series where it was much thicker and more solid. It is not some huge downside, though, we understand that at this kind of price the manufacturers had to make a little sacrifice when offering so many features previously only available in much more expensive models.

It is hard to find something better for this kind of money, so plenty of great features make this one unmatched by any other. We believe that it is the number one for those who love to grill and do it quite often. The size and the number of burners will meet the expectations of even a slightly bigger family of few.

2. Budget Pick Char Broil Performance 475

Char-Broil Performance 475

You’re looking for efficiency, decent quality of workmanship and large cooking area for a low price? Char-Broil Performance 475 is a perfect suggestion for those with a limited budget.

We advise against buying the cheapest gas grill possible as in a year or two you will be forced to look for a new model. There’s no point replacing a cheap gas grill every two seasons, it’s better to buy something better and save yourself a lot of time and nerves.

The only exception is this model, we usually advise against buying gas grills for a low price ( $100-$200 ) unless you need a grill for a season or two and don’t mind low efficiency of burners. This model, on the other hand, is very good despite not being made of the highest quality materials. It maintains decent quality of workmanship and most of all good efficiency, plus it offers a very large cooking area for this kind of price.

One has to admit that for this kind of money you’re getting the maximum of what is possible. Large cooking area ( 475 + 175 square inches ) heated by 4 efficient burners that really do their job well.

On top of that, for this kind of money you’re getting a side burner, which was a huge surprise to us because many much more expensive grills don’t come with such feature.

Sadly, it is not a gas grill that is rich in different systems and features. It’s a simple model that is meant to meet the clients’ basic requirements at the lowest price possible. It has to be pointed out that the quality of workmanship and materials is much worse than in popular competitive grills from Weber, but one should see the considerable difference in prices that explains the difference in quality.

Char-Broil Performance 475 is a very simple model the target demographic of which are customers with a limited budget. It doesn’t come with any additional features save for a side burner that is quite a surprise for this kind of money. The best choice for those with a limited budget who need an efficient, big and cheap gas grill for at least few years.

3. Upgrade Pick Weber Genesis II E-410

weber genesis II E-410

The Weber Genesis II series is truly high quality grills, many believe that this is the best series from Weber. We can admit that this grill is certainly worth its price and will 100% meet the expectations of someone who needs something much better than the Spirit II version for example.

The entire structure is made of high quality materials and gives solid gas grill vibes.

In our opinion, a huge downside in this model is that it lacks a side burner, for this kind of money one could really expect that kind of feature. Still, one has to admit that the lack of a side burner doesn’t impact the overall great efficiency of the grill, it is only an addition that a really small number of people actually uses.

If you have really cooked for many years now and are tired of cheap gas grills that over time ( usually after just few seasons ) start to rust and the burners start to cause problems, go for Weber Genesis II E-410.

It’s a suggestion for those more demanding who cook often for a bigger number of people. For those who are worried about the price being this high, we have great news. This model is covered with a full 10 year warranty in the event of any problems.

Instead of buying a poor gas grill for $100 every year or two, it’s better to buy something better that will serve you for many more years and save you plenty of nerves.

4. High-End Pick Weber Summit S-470

Weber Summit S-470

The time has come to present a luxurious gas grill, a suggestion for those who love gadgets, interesting features and of course high quality of workmanship. Sadly, we have to stress it right from the beginning that it is a choice only for those with a thick wallet and there’s no point over-analyzing here if a particular thing is really worth its money.

Summit S-470 is a model that stands out with its wealth and functionality from afar. If you like to experiment when cooking on a grill then the number of different burners you will find in this model will make it possible for you.

No other model comes with this many different burners, 4 standard burners heat up the 580 square inches of the main cooking area. Just perfect for a larger family or for bigger parties.

On top of that, besides the standard burners, Summit S-470 comes with as many as 4 dedicated burners. Each of the dedicated burners is intended for a different task which is why we believe that it is a grill for someone who likes to experiment or simply likes gadgets and features.

We were definitely impressed by this model, but each of us wondered if it’s really worth it spending this much on a new grill? After all, for this kind of money you can buy several great grills ( like the Spirit II E-310 Series, Genesis II E-310 and for example the portable Q1200 plus covers for them all )

After a longer discussion we came to a conclusion that it is simply a choice for those who not only love grilling and experimenting, but also have a thick wallet and like being surrounded by luxurious things that leave others impressed, and especially themselves.

Without a doubt, Summit S-470 is a luxurious gas grill equipped with a whole lot of convenient solutions, it is also a model that will leave the guests awestruck with its appearance and gadgets. When money plays a role, however, think about what will be better for you, the Summit series or maybe the much cheaper Genesis II.

5. Coleman Roadtrip 285

Coleman RoadTrip 285

This time it’s something for those who always travel or are often away from home where it’s possible to grill. In such case, it’s a good idea to bring along Coleman Roadtrip 285 which is a new model that was designed in order to meet the requirements of those who travel.

The transporting option is much easier not only thanks to the much lower weight, but also because of the interesting design of the structure. The new Coleman Roadtrip model folds down in a way that makes it possible to carry it around like a regular suitcase on wheels.

On top of that, the foldable structure allows your grill to rest on a stand. Many other gas grills in this category don’t have a stand, which makes it necessary to look for the right surface that can withstand high temperatures in order to be able to cook safely.

The new model surprises with as many as three independent burners that you can control separately. Such solution allows you to regulate a particular part of the grill.

It is also a very big advantage that you can replace the grill grates with stove grates or griddles. Of course we have to point it out right away that additional accessories are sold separately, significantly increasing the final price. However, we still like that option very much and we’re sure that there will be a very large group of people who will decide to change the standard grill grates. It adds versatility to this model, making it possible to cook something brand new.

For this kind of money, it is probably the number one grill for those cooking away from home. The quality of workmanship may not be of the highest level, but its functionality and efficiency for this kind of money certainly deserve a praise. If we ever needed a versatile grill for cooking away from home, this would be a very serious candidate for us to consider.

6. Weber Q1200

weber q 1200

Another great grill that you bring along when away from home. In a way, it is a competitor to Coleman Roadtrip 285, but if we take a closer look at the details, we can come to several conclusions that make it easier to choose one of them.

Weber Q1200 is significantly lighter and much better made which makes it a choice for those who not only care a lot about the weight, but also durability and quality of workmanship.

Without a doubt, in these regards Q1200 is the winner, it’s a model for those with bigger demands. When traveling, we often run into many unexpected situations, it’s easy to drop your grill and in turn have it damaged. The structure of Q1200 is much better made and will work better on a more demanding terrain.

The basic version lacks a rack, but it is possible to buy it separately ( which I recommend ). Keep in mind that by buying a separate rack that is expensive you increase the price significantly. You can attach the rack whenever you want, if you have no way to carry it during your trip then you can simply leave it behind and cook on the Q1200 without a rack.

We forgot to add that, for a grill this small, it not only meets the demands of those who like to travel, but also those who don’t have much space in their backyard or live in the city where it’s even harder to fit a full-sized grill.

Weber Q1200 is also a good alternative to full-sized grills in terms of economy. If you mostly cook just for yourself then you don’t need a big grill, all you need is a small gas grill like this that burns much less gas and warms up much faster.

For an extra charge, you can buy many interesting accessories, but what got us interested the most was the ability to replace the grill grates with griddle which is similar to the competitive Coleman Road Trip.

Therefore the final decision is up to you, we liked this model very much and we can place it on our list with full confidence.

Buyers Guide

Gas grills have been breaking popularity records for many years now despite having plenty of opponents who are gradually warming up to the advantages of this type of grill. The most popular argument against gas grills is the lack of the smoke flavor that is present when grilling on a charcoal grill.

Over time, however, a growing number of people realizes that there’s no point having petty wars. Each type of grill has its upsides and downsides, a gas-powered grill certainly stands out with its convenience that no other type of grill can give you.

You get back home from work and want to cook something fast, all you have to do is turn a knob to start a burner and after a dozen minutes you can already be grilling your favorite dishes. On top of that, after you’re done cooking, all you have to do is turn off the burners, clean the grill grates and you’re done. This is exactly why gas grills have become so popular these days – simplicity, convenience and ease of use is what most of us expect.

Due to the large demand for this type of grills, there are many manufacturers on the market. Of course, several leading brands did pop up over those few years, but one can also find something from smaller manufacturers. A whole lot of different grill models were made and it is actually hard to pick the right grill fast.

What do you think, how much time would you waste by searching for a perfect model around stores by yourself? A whole lot – but you still can’t be sure how each of the grills functions in real life, at the store you can only touch it or check the quality of workmanship, but you won’t check the efficiency and how well a particular model will work in real world.

This is exactly why we created this guide for those who want to compare several best gas grills fast and easily. Our goal was to present different suggestions so that everyone, even a beginner, could find something for themselves. We know how important budget is, which is why we took it into account by suggesting models in different price ranges.

What to Pay attention to when choosing a new Gas Grill

  • The Size
  • Burners
  • The Price
  • Features
  • Mobility
  • Warranty
  • Fuel

The right size – Right at the beginning, think about the size of your grill, make sure if it will fit in your backyard, terrace, patio or even balcony. Then we suggest thinking about how many people you are going to cook for and if you often throw parties or cook large amounts of food.

The best option is to choose a mid-sized grill that not only fits perfectly in most spaces but is also economical and efficient when cooking larger amounts of food.

Think it over so that you don’t regret it in the future. Remember that a small grill might be too small when you have several extra friends over, whereas a big grill allows to cook for 2-3 people or for 10 when necessary.

Of course the bigger the grill, the more burners it takes to warm up the entire area. It also increases the fuel consumption and of course the final price of the grill.

The number of burners – Don’t pay attention to full-sized grills that have less than 2 burners or two of low power. A mid-sized gas grill should have at least two burners, preferably three in order to increase the speed of warming up and be able to create different cooking zones ( direct or indirect heat ).

Analogously, the bigger the grill, the more burners it should have in order to maintain the optimal efficiency. Remember that the more burners, the more fuel you’re going to be using.

Quality & PriceThese two terms depend on one another a lot. If you want a grill of very high quality you have to get prepared for a price tag of as much as even about one thousand dollars. If you have a limited budget, though, you have to embrace the fact that a grill for less than $200 won’t be an investment for life.

The best threshold for most clients are gas grills for about $500, they are not only very well made, but also come with many useful features, extended warranty ( up to 10 years ) and universal sizes.

On our list we tried to place grills from the most popular price ranges so that everyone who visits our website can choose something for themselves. If you’ve never come across this type of grill or BBQ in general then we recommend buying something in the middle or lower price range.

Gadgets – ​You need to know that you actually don’t need any gadgets to cook great food. Most gadgets only enhance the convenience or add a bit of versatility to your grill. Additionally, most of extra features increase the final price of the grill significantly ( especially the ones sold separately ).

That’s why you should consider your budget carefully and think about if you can afford buying a grill with many interesting gadgets. If you have a little more cash then most certainly we suggest you buy something better. Plenty of features increase the convenience like a mobile app for example that allows to control the cooking process, fuel level or the temperature inside the grill.

If you have a very limited budget, however, we suggest thinking carefully about it and choosing a model with less additional gadgets.

Convenience and Mobility– Pay attention to mobility if you often travel, spend time and cook away from home or simply have a small backyard, balcony, terrace or patio. That’s because it happens sometimes that you often change your grill’s location, for people like those there are lightweight and mobile models.

They are characterized by a much smaller structure ( very often foldable ) that weights much less than a full-sized grill. On top of that, such grills can be powered with propane from much smaller tanks which works well when camping and when the weight matters.

A smaller foldable grill is also a solution for those with a small terrace or backyard. You can fold the grill fast and easily when you don’t need it and hide it in the garage or any place you want.

Support & WarrantyWhen buying anything, the warranty is a very important issue. Each of us buys things with intent to use them for as long as possible, sometimes it happens that something went wrong during the manufacturing process. In such case, it’s a good thing to have a good warranty that allows to quickly replace or fix a faulty element.

On top of that, a long warranty is a guarantee of money well invested. For example, let’s take a look at the full 10 year warranty for many models from Weber. Doesn’t something like this ensure that you’re spending your money well? Of course it does, which is why you should also pay attention to whether your manufacturer offers a good warranty.

Of course you shouldn’t expect 10 years of warranty for a model that costs $200 which is not possible. But if you do go for something more expensive then a longer warranty is a message to you that the manufacturer takes their products seriously and knows how well they were made.

The type of fuel– More on the upsides and downsides of types of gases can be read in our Propane or natural gas guide where we have compared both types to find out which of them is better.

The truth is that both types have their upsides and downsides which makes it a good idea to read this guide that will allow you to learn which type will suit you the best.

Very important – remember that many gas grills can’t be converted from propane to natural gas and the other way round. Read the description and instruction carefully to see if the grill that interests you can be converted to other type of gas. Sometimes people make this mistake and then there’s nothing they can do besides maybe returning the grill to the manufacturer. You have to understand that not every grill is available in two versions.

Why a Gas Grill?

Convenience – Not having to get the charcoal burning, all you have to do to start the grill is crank up one of the burners and press the ignition button. This makes the gas grill very convenient to use, in terms of functioning it is like a regular gas stove in the kitchen. Imagine coming home late from work and not having much time or simply having other chores to do – in such case this type of grill is a very convenient device. Just start it, crank the burner knob, close the lid and leave the grill for 10-15 minutes to reach the right temperature.

Speed – You don’t have to waste your time getting the charcoal burning and then just as much time reaching the right temperature inside the grill. Just turn the burner knob, press the ignition button and the grill starts preheating – A simple operation that won’t even get your hands dirty.

The convenience and speed of preheating are the greatest advantages of the gas grill which allows to save a lot of time and effort. Each of us has been in a situation where we wanted to have some grill food but didn’t feel like spending a lot of time getting the charcoal burning, cleaning up etc.

Temperature control – It is incredibly easy to increase or decrease temperature, just turn the burner knob adequately in order to adjust its power. When you’re done cooking, just turn off all the burners and lift the lid, that way the grill will cool down fast.

Cleaning – Every grill has a special grease tray that just has to be replaced with a new one once in a while. Additionally, after each cooking the grill grates have to be cleaned and that’s almost it when it comes to regular cleaning. After the season ends or once in a while when you cook a lot you just have to clean the burners, burner covers etc, but don’t worry it’s an easy task as well.

Versatility – Large number of burners allows to create several cooking zones. You can use it to cook using the indirect or direct method. Some models are equipped with dedicated burners like smoker box burner or searing station. On top of that, plenty of models also come with a side burner that can replace a gas stove.

How did we test?

We’ve already been through many bigger practical tests that you can read about on our website. Each of them is similar in terms of organization, first and foremost it takes a lot of time and requires a large budget and of course knowledge.

We start by analyzing the whole offer of gas grills, looking for worthy candidates for our tests. We create a list where we write down the key parameters such as the price, size, warranty period, number of burners, features and many more.

Then we gradually eliminate the models that we believe are not worthy of our time nor especially your money. With the final list ready, we visit stores and buy the grills that we don’t own yet ( many of grills on the list have been in our hands for a long time which especially lets us know what we’re dealing with so we don’t have to buy them all ).

Upon having all the grills delivered, we proceed with assembling each of them, evaluating how useful the manual is and how long it takes to assemble the whole grill. Once everything is ready, we move on to the practical tests in order to see how each of those gas grills works in practice.

Of course we keep writing down all the important information such as the quality of workmanship for individual elements etc. We start all the grills at the same time and use adequate tools to monitor how fast each of them can reach the temperature of 500 degrees F and if it warms up evenly ( we search for cold spots ). After writing down the notes during this test, we move on to cooking, where we grill different types of food in different temperatures.

Like most of you, we first tested chicken wings, sausages, hamburgers and steaks. During later stages, we tried turkey as long as the grill made it possible. Each type of food was cooked at the same time on the same grill so that we could rate the results at the end.

Since we have a lot of experience, we know what to pay attention to and this is what we did. We evaluated each of the grills in many regards such as the convenience, functionality or efficiency. We had an opportunity to check out the cleaning systems, the burner power, the speed of each of the grills reaching the adequate temperature and many more.

All of that was to finally create a list of the best gas grills for the money. All tests provide us with plenty of surprises and disappointments, it was no different this time. All of our thoughts and suggestions are available in the above reviews.

Why trust us?

We love to grill and to share BBQ-related experiences. Which is exactly why this website was made to share our knowledge with others, that way we can reach out to many people who need help. Our knowledge and experience allow us to contribute a lot to the world of BBQ, most of all we are active  and always aim to expand our knowledge.

We are not the type of website that mass produces a lot of information. We focus on the topic of BBQ and that’s the topic that all of the materials on our website are related to. On our website, you will find many more interesting entries like all kinds of guides that will help you solve many problems related to your grill or smoker.

Our group was created in order to share our knowledge fast and easily and to create conditions for practical tests of different BBQ-related products. Each of us is a simple person in everyday life who just like you doesn’t like to overpay, waste time and who loves to grill. Which is exactly why our tests are honest, objective and meant to help those like you.

When it comes to gas grills, we realize that each of us is different and that’s why we try to present suggestion for grills in different price ranges. Regardless of whether your budget is limited or not, you will surely choose the right thing for yourself.

As we mentioned earlier, we write many guides and conduct different practical tests related to BBQ that only a small group of people can afford. If you’re interested in some other type of grill then we invite you to check our other guides and reviews – we have a huge database of useful materials for everyone.